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The Bolivian territory borders to the north and to the east with Brazil, on the south with Paraguay and Argentina, and on the west with Chile and Peru. It comprises important part both of the Mountain range of the Andes and his Plateau and of the Amazon Forest and of the Big Nunchaku, what allows him to be categorized like megadiverse country. It is, together with Paraguay, one of two countries of South America without seaside. It is also the eighth most extensive in the American continent and the twenty and seventh one on a global scale. In his history, he emphasizes the Culture Tiwanaku that developed in what today it is the western region of the country and whose knowledge advanced in multitude of matters stayed like legacy for the later Inca Empire. Less acquaintances but not less important are the archaeological cultural remains in the tropical oriental region of Bolivia where, between others, there developed the Hydraulic Culture of the Hillocks, the most extensive of the American continent, in the plains of Moxos and Baures at present belonging to the Department of the Beni. This region was annexed to the Spanish empire in the XVIth century, staying under Spanish domain until the XIXth century, declaring his independence in 1809, managing to form the separated state sixteen years later. The Bolivian population is multicultural, an important part of his population is distributed in several tens original ethnic groups, consisting also of a high number of half-caste complemented of Creoles and afrobolivianos and a minor proportion of progeny of more recent migrations of diverse parts of the world. Viajes Bolivia Voyage Bolivie